Fast and Furious 8 Cast - Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson have trouble on the sets

Fast and Furious 8 Cast - Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson have trouble on the sets

Fast and Furious franchise's cast is just more than friends, they are a family. And sometimes, even families fight. The Fast and Furious 8 star Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson are have trouble on the sets getting along. And if sources are to be believed the tension has been building for quite some time now.

The first indication of the beef came from Dwayne Johnson, through his posts on Facebook and Instagram. Although, it was unclear as to who is the mystery man with whom The Rock is having this beef with. Recently, it was confirmed by TMZ that the feud is between Johnson and Vin Diesel. Sources say the tension brewed with Vin's reaction to Dwayne's behaviour on the sets of Fast and Furious 8.

"Dwayne's arriving late for the production, and sometimes he doesn't show up at all thereby delaying the production is the main cause of tension between the two actors", according to a source. The same type of behaviour has been earlier reported on the Diesel's part, especially while shooting Fast and Furious 7.

As per the TMZ reports, the two actors met on Tuesday to resolve their issues. One source said, " some words between the two are what started this whole feud online, but the problem has been going on for months". Fast and Furious 8 co-star Tyrese Gibson came in favour of Dwayne through an Instagram post, which is now deleted by the actor.

Dwayne's behaviour, as per the source, has affected production and caused a delay in it, and Diesel who has been associated with the Fast and Furious franchise since the first part back in 2001, had had enough of his behaviour, which led to the feud between the two, according to a source.

It is evident that The Rock is more beloved to the audience than Vin Diesel, but on the Fast and Furious 8 sets, Dwayne Johnson gets less support and gets kicked. Tyrese Gibson posted a photo of himself with Diesel and wrote a long caption praising the actor and showing his support to him. Later, Ludacris also posted a photo on Instagram,that features the cast of Fast and Furious.

Let's see what happens between these two baddies as the movie is near the end of production.

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Fast and Furious 8 movie's complete Cast and Crew Wiki

Fast and Furious franchise, an action American film series is back with it's eighth instalment in the series named 'Fast 8'. F. Gray Gray is replacing James Wan as the director of the film, as the former is working on another project 'Aquaman'. Chris Morgan has written the story for the movie and is distributed by Universal Pictures. The first hint for sequel was given by Vin Diesel, following the release of Fast and Furious 7.

Fast and Furious 8 movie's complete Cast and Crew Wiki

The cast consists of Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Chris Bridges, Kurt Russell, Tyrese Gibson, Lucas Black and Jason Statham. Fast and Furious 8 is being produced by Neal H. Moritz and Chris Morgan will write the script for sixth time for the franchise. Principal photography began back in March 2016 in Iceland. The crew will also be filming at locations including New York, Cuba, Cleveland and Atlanta.

Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto, Michelle as Letty Ortiz and Kurt Russell as Frank Petty were the first to get involved in the film. Tyrese Gibson as Roman Pearce and Chris Bridges as Tej Parker both announced their involvement in a short period after that. Dwayne Johnson confirmed his role in Fast and Furious 8, with a hint of possible spin in his character, Luke Hobbs.

Fast and Furious 8(also Fast 8), will also involve Charlize Theron and Kristofer Hivju as the villain in the film with addition to the cast. Diesel's post on Instagram in May 2016, with Elsa Pataky on set indicates she had also joined the film. Later Nathalie Emmanuel and Helen Mirren also confirmed that they are also apart of the movie.

Vin Diesel was very happy with original cast back in the movie, and the actor said, "These aren't his friends, they are family, and that is why the cast keeps returning and remains same." Dominic's sister will be seen back in the sequel but how her entrance in fray will be without Brian is one thing to look forward to in the film. Dwayne Johnson as Hobbs in Fast and Furious 7 was sidelined after his fight with Jason Statham(Shaw). But it looks like, Hobbs role in the Fast and Furious 8 is going to be much bigger and of much more importance. For now the movie is scheduled to release on April 14, 2016.

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Fast and the Furious 8 cast: Charlize Theron as the villain

Fast & Furious movie franchise always comes with a new villain, and every time each villain more lethal then the other. From Joaquim de Almeida to Luke Evans and Jason Statham, Fast & Furious 8 will not be any different and the role of baddie will be played by the beautiful Charlize Theron. Charlize has worked with Fast and Furious 8 director F. Gray in the remake of The Italian Job.

Fast and the Furious 8 cast: Charlize Theron as the villain

Everybody loved her as Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road. Along with Theron, we will also get to see Game of Thrones star Kristofer Hivju as her henchman in Fast & Furious 8. It will be fun to watch a fight between The Rock and Hivju in the film, if that happens. The film has always been appreciated for few things it does incredibly well. But sadly, villains weren't the one of them. The heroes in the film are often shown like a family, but the villains often failed to engage the audience. However, is reports were to be believed, Charlize Theron role as the villain is meant to change that.

During an interview Fast and the Furious 8 composer Brian Tyler gave some details over the Theron character. He said "There's something about her, where you can see yourself as the Cipher that makes it more interesting and at the same time, disturbing. It's the kind of villain who gets in your skin through sympathy." And he added "Charlize have the ability to do just that, she's a fantastic actor."

However, Brian pointed out that this does not change the fact that she's still the bad guy in the film. Charlize Theron is still a villain, with qualities that makes the audience to wonder what they think of her while watching the movie. Vin Diesel, the series lead also showed interest in the matter. Diesel on his Facebook page posted, that Charlize Theron has done a marvelous job in the role of Cipher, and he's really impressed by her work in the film.

It's no doubt every time we hear about the Fast and Furious 8, we get goosebumps and more excitement about its release. Fast and the Furious 8 will hit the theatres worldwide on April 14, 2017. Stay tuned for much more news and excitement from the next instalment of the film's franchise.

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Fast and Furious 8 movie confirmed and titled as "Fast 8"

Fast & Furious 8 (also known as Fast 8 or Furious 8) is one of most awaited upcoming 2017 American action movie. This is going to be eighth sequel of The Fast and the Furious series. The film is being directed by F. Gray and is written by Chris Morgan. The film is based on Characters by Gary Scott Thompson and is distributed by Universal Studios. The film is scheduled to hit the theatres on April 14, 2017.

Fast and the Furious 8 movie confirmed and titled as "Fast 8"

Movies that crosses a mark of $1 billion worldwide often produce sequels. The extremely profitable Fast and Furious 7 ended with a closure and raise some questions if their will be another sequel or not? Can the franchise continue after Paul Walker's death? Will it ever make a comeback? or was it time to bid adieu to the movie series?But soon we had a definitive answer. Vin Diesel just before the release of seventh instalment of the film, confirmed that Fast and Furious 8 is happening and made everyone excited. However, there were a lot of questions about the cast and crew to be involved.

Once it was confirmed that they'd be continuing with Fast and Furious 8, the first thing which was done is scheduling a release date. The main challenge is to find a new director and have enough time to finish off the screenplay. It was soon announced that F. Gray Gray will be directing the Fast & the Furious 8, as James Wan was busy with Aquaman. The movie will hit theatres worldwide on April 14, 2017.

So, far the rating of the movie is unknown, as it's still under production. Meanwhile, all the other films in series had a PG-13 rating, so we're hoping that Fast 8 would also have a PG-13 rating as well. Fast and Furious 8 will be the first film other than Tokyo Drift to not to star Paul Walker, who died in a single car accident on November 30, 2013.

The eighth instalment is being produced by Neal H. Moritz. The producer confirmed that Paul's character, Brian O'Connor, will not appear in the film, with him stating that the character has moved on. The principal photography commenced on March 14, 2016 in Myvatn,Iceland. In April the shooting began in Cuba's capital Havana, for which the Universal sought approval from Cuban government. Some parts were also shot in New York, Ohio and Atlanta.

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Fast and Furious 8 cast: Actress Charlize Theron in the film

Charlize Theron is on the way to become Hollywood’s next action woman. Her last movie, Mad Max: Fury Road had been a super hit blockbuster. After gaining huge success in this role, she has officially signed to star in the Eighth franchise of the new Fast and Furious film. She is said to portray a diabolical character in the new Fast and the Furious series.

It was recently speculated that the Mad Max: Fury Road actress who is currently starring in The Huntsman: Winter War - was very much confirmed to be a part of Hollywood’s most successful franchise which ensembles a huge star cast full of talented actors who are best known for their role in the Fast and the Furious series.

Charlize Theron is best known for her work in Snow White and the Huntsman as well as Monster. The beautiful and stunning actress who recently won an MTV movie award for best female performance was seen sizzling the red carpet in a sheer, delicate gown.

Theron was also a part of the famous TV Show, Arrested Development. She has sizzled the Hollywood screen as well as carved a niche in Reality TV. Fast and the Furious 8 has a huge and amazing star cast. The movie stars Vin Diesel playing the role of the movie’s lead, Dominic Toretto, Dwayne Johnson playing the role of Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham playing the role of British villain, Ian Shaw. Actor Paul Walker was also a part of the movie’s last franchise.

 The last franchise of Fast 8 was the most successful franchise out of all the ones which had released previously. Fast 8 also stars Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Eva Mendes, Kurt Russell and Lucas Black in pivotal roles. It has been speculated that the movie will have Charlize Theron starring alongside Vin Diesel.

 Last year Charlize starred as Imperator Furiosa in George Miller's super hit Oscar-winning flick, Mad Max: Fury Road. The movie was hugely acclaimed by critics as well as viewers all over the world and was an international blockbuster.

Fast and the Furious 8's director, F. Gary Gray has worked with Theron before when she starred in his Italian Job remake alongside Mark Wahlberg back in 2004. The movie was a huge blockbuster and had Charlize shot to fame. The same is being expected from her next movie, Fast and the Furious 8. Fast and the Furious 8 is expected to hit the screens in April, 2017.

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Fast and Furious 8, 9, 10 movie release dates decided

Three more parts to the Fast and Furious franchise and that might be the end to it. As per the recent declaration by Universal there will be three more parts to the famous franchise which would probably witness an end by the year 2021. The dates for Fast and Furious ninth and tenth instalments are April 19, 2019, and April 2, 2021, respectively. If this latest revelation is to be believed then it means that the Fast & Furious franchise will have completed two decades by its conclusion.

Fast and Furious part 8 will hit theatres the next year on April 14, 2017. The cast and crew will be missing in Paul Walker, and will be directed by Straight Outta Compton's F. Gary Gray. After Paul Walker’s demise nobody expected another sequel, but seeing the huge box office collections of Fast & Furious 7, the makers decided to  go in for an eight instalment too. And now the announcement of a ninth and a tenth part makes it all the more exciting.

The shooting of Fast 8 ha already commenced and the movie will release worldwide on April 14, 2017. Fans of the franchise cannot wait enough for the release of the movie and are already going gung-ho about it. Posters of the movie have been released by the makers that announce the release dates of the trilogy yet to come. Vin Diesel revealed to his fans on Facebook that with Furious 8 will begin a new trilogy of films, that would come to an end in 2021.

Speculations on the plot of the trilogy of Fast and Furious movies have been doing the rounds on the internet. Fast and Furious part 7 saw the conclusion of Brian O'Conner's story arc and introduced Kurt Russell's Mr Nobody. We predict that the eighth, ninth and tenth instalment will primarily focus on Dom's team being set to fresh challenges each time. The name of the eighth part has right now been finalised to be Fast 8 but that might change in the near future. The 9th part of Furious franchise ​will be released on April 19, 2019 and the 10th​ will release on April 2, 2021. Vin Diesel surely cannot stick to a single name for the movies in the franchise and every time comes up with a new name to every movie. The seventh part was called Furious 7, the sixth part was named Fast & Furious 6, and so on and so forth.

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Fast and Furious 8 cast: Deepika Padukone and Eva Mendes join Vin Diesel

The makers of Fast and Furious 8 are keeping quiet over the cast of the film as for now. The movie that is scheduled to release in 2017, is keeping silent in regards to the of Fast and Furious 8. The release date of the movie has been agreed upon to be April 14, 2017. However, actor Vin Diesel has been keeping us all updated with the bits of news that he has been sharing with us regarding the film. It seems that the trilogy actor is serving as the unofficial spokesperson of the franchise.

There are a lot of speculations that surround the cast of Fast and Furious 8 that is being kept under wraps by the makers. One of such speculations reveals that the role of Brian O’Conner will be played by Cody Walker, who is the twin brother of Paul Walker. There is no confirmation on this report yet, and it is only a speculated situation. As per some reports, the actor could play the role of a complete new car racer and step into the shoes of younger brother of O’Conner. It was this 27-year old actor Cody, who did the part of Paul Walker's remaining scenes. The actor died lately in a sudden single-vehicle accident while shooting for Fast and Furious 7. He died on November 30, 2013.

Also, as per some reports award winning actress Mirren too will apparently join the cast of the film. Mirren apparently showed her interest in grabbing a role in Fast and Furious 8. When Diesel was asked about the actress's inclusion in the movie, he said that the “White Night’s” 70-year old actress wish might end up coming true and the audiences might get to see her in the upcoming movie. Another rumour that did the rounds regarding Fast and Furious 8 movie cast was the involvement of Deepika Padukone in the movie. But sadly she put an end to the rumours and declared she won't be a part of the movie. However, we might see her with Vin Diesel soon. The Bollywood diva is all set for her Hollywood debut with Diesel in the upcoming movie “XXX: The Return of Xander Cage.”

Although, Deepika had lately rejected the reports that stated her being casted in Fast and Furious 8 movie, her casting for “XXX” is confirmed. A new rumor surfaced tells us that actress Deepika Padukone would replace Jordana Brewster in Fast and Furious 8. Some reports also claim that the eighth part of the Fast and Furious franchise will see Eva Mendes also reprising her role.

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Fast and Furious 8 updates by Vin Diesel for fans: News post

Finally, Fast and Furious 8 is happening and Vin Diesel is very excited for how the work on "Fast and Furious 8" is going, and apparently fans must be prepared to see something entirely intriguing. The film has been discussed by fans of the franchise to an extent, and indeed it will be an extraordinary part – the first one probably without Paul Walker. After the actor passed away amidst the making of "Fast and Furious 7", the film was completed with some special measures to make up for his non appearance.

Keeping in mind how the fans have been considering every minute detail about the movie, Vin Diesel is quite content with the way things are going, and he as of late provided a brief sneak peak of the film to his fans, clarifying certain subtle elements. As per the versatile actor, the crew is now finished with the essential storylines for some characters and they've been setting up the fundamental plot, uniting the distinctive pieces.

As per another revelation by Vin Diesel, there will be a few twists in arranging the diverse characters from the establishment, yet he stated that he would not like to go in subtle depth on his characters and won't reveal much. From what he said however, it could be deciphered that the group is busy into arranging specific storylines for the movies, so it is fascinating to see what they have thought of. If we comprehend Vin Diesel's statements, the new film could have a darker topic as well, as the director is apparently determined to draw out the obscurity in a few sections of the story. We don't know whether this will apply to the whole film or it will simply be applicable to a few sections of the story. "Fast and Furious" has been a more happy franchise, however this time around it might witness a few changes that modify the tone of the film.

Fast and Furious 8 will miss Paul Walker. The passing away of the actor was an event which profoundly shook fans of the franchise worldwide. We all know the level of expectations fans have for the movie at this moment, and it is fascinating to perceive how the makers will approach this and how the makers will incorporate into its storyline. There have been gossips about the storyline, and this is entirely normal with significant creations, particularly with regards to another part in a long-running franchise.

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